The banner has become the Internet than any other advertising media, and this in spite of great efforts made by the advertising industry. The number one in the acquisition to customers and visitors to the Internet is the advertising banner. Far more than ten banners of various types are offered on the Internet. Here I will mention just a few: HTML banners, Bouncing banner, Mouse-Move banners, rich media banners, explosion-Banner Big-size banner. The success, however, is different. However, what is really a banner ad It is the so-called flagship companies and their website. A clickable ad space, for example, in e-mails, but are usually displayed in web pages. There are two types of banner ads. En animated banners and static banners. The animated banner contains a moving picture to a few. It could also be compared with a filmstrip. The pictures show the unwinding of animation. Movements could still by Java HTNL, Flash …. are supported. This banner is static – as the name suggests, is inflexible. It shows either a picture ora font that will be shown without interruption. Claudia Schydlowski