To preserve intellectual property rights have not yet devised sufficiently effective methods, ideally such a method looks like this – comes to employee in the company, dress hat, starts to work, and all his thoughts fall into a database and categorized in a certain way, and if he needs to go to the database, it immediately gives him the necessary materials for the job. Faced with the phenomenon, when a few months to start searching for that they have done a month ago and already quite forgotten. So, for example, such a fantastic story and it is necessary build a storage company's intellectual property. To multiply the company's intellectual property, in the company must create a database in which employees add their own experience. Suppose we are working on the project, the staff keep diaries in any form, recording the points that they think they should cover. Blogs are collected in a database, which defines the description project and to this description being added all the diaries of this project with dates and names of who made the recording, as well as links to online resources or other sources of information.

Upon receipt of the job for the next project, Officer met with the database, which in his opinion, may assist him in carrying out works on the new project. He met with previous work experience, raises the already accumulated information on the subject, if necessary, it can hold a conversation with people who previously experienced this issue, and based on information received to begin work on a new project, also driving a diary and keeping necessary records and making new notes, due to what the database starts to grow. Many people immediately will say that our employees are not forced to write diaries, take notes, enter data into the database. Of course, I argue with them will not, but the structure Innovation Unit, significantly different from that of ordinary business unit. In an innovation unit relationships are built on mutual respect, members of all partners, the chief senior partner achieved by such things motivate staff. In an innovation unit employees are mainly engaged in the equity of the project, they have a direct interest in the successful completion of the project. To achieve this stage of development, we are beginning to have to undergo a period of industrialization, and go to the post-industrial stage of development. Modern business is faced with the phenomenon of innovation development, and until the business brings revenue transition to an innovative business will not occur, but with tighter competition, introduction of innovations from competitors, or will begin to engage in innovation or leave the market. While the innovative development of We are a fad that will happen remains to be seen, and in conclusion said that soon in Moscow will host an exhibition of innovative development, you can attend, learn about the problems in the development of innovation and make necessary contacts.