First you need the ISO image and then burn it or burn it to a conventional CD. Before continuing it should be noted that once the system from the CD, the installation deleted without notice any information on the hard disk, so it is better to have a computer for exclusive use of Asterisk PBX.
Then, when the system is booted from the CD, the installation and configuration is done automatically, so no need for user intervention, just to remove the CD when you restart the system. After restarting the system still have to wait to finish compiling applications.
Then, after an hour of installation and reboot, it displays the welcome screen with the corresponding login. The user and the default password is “root” and “password” respectively. Finally we must configure the IP, gateway, subnet mask and the DNS or the network interface, and restart again for the changes are made. Then again it shows the welcome screen with the IP address that we need to access via government website.