For a start determined by the type of delivery, depending on the distance to the point of delivery. So for example, may be commuting, where cargo carriage performed at short distances in the region and international shipping, when goods are shipped from other countries and so on. In the first case of red tape with paperwork, packaging, transportation scheme in order of magnitude smaller than for example in the second. To cargo carriage of goods due to abroad does not become an obstacle in your business and does not deliver additional problems for the company to choose the right Realizing the carriage. Depending on the distance to deliver the size and weight of cargo, time allocated to carry the type of transport is selected and compiled the best route. Often used multi-modal transport of goods, that is, when using different types of transport. Under such traffic can significantly reduce the time required for cargo delivery.

So, have a place to be 4 main types of traffic. And so the first – transport by road. This kind of delivery is used often enough in Transport of small-kilometer route. Indisputable advantage of this mode of transportation – the continuity of the delivery process, as well as more constant monitoring of the state of commodities. Second – Transportation rail. Primuschestvo this type of delivery is what ensures a high degree of cargo safety.

Often used container freight, since they are best suited for the transport of goods which are subject to special conditions of delivery (such as food products of fragile materials). The third type – the carriage by air. This type of delivery has both advantages and some nedostaki. The advantages include the speed of transportation is also available to those areas where no one can move other types of transport. But the shortcomings – high shipping costs as well as restrictions concerning the dimensions of transported cargo. Fourth – sea transport. This type of delivery is an alternative transportation by air. His unconditional primuschestvo is that the size and weight of cargo have little or no value. At the same time prevozki much more than delivery by other modes of transport. Even so, however, one problem that you might encounter – it's the goods. Often it takes a lot of time, because it means the declaration of goods – that is, providing the necessary documents, as well as additional information about the goods transported. This is a mandatory procedure that is performed at crossing the state border. Customs clearance involves the following steps: in customs transit – movement of cargo to a particular customs station or between temporary storage warehouses without payment of fees, storage, filling out customs declaration (CCD). This procedure may vary depending on the type of goods, etc. To reduce the idle time of cargo at customs points to do this in advance prepare all necessary documents. There are special agencies that specialize in this area. If you are interested in customs clearance in St. Petersburg, please contact the freight forwarding company Multimodal. For more detailed information is available on the website of the company.