The companies are more and more conscious of the necessity to understand and to implement an optimization Web to improve their positioning (CATHEDRAL). Nevertheless, this subject always has been a little complex due to the great amount of action that one can realise to optimize a site. By this, the following points want to emphasize those basic aspects and steps for a strategy CATHEDRAL. 1. Commitment with the process. CATHEDRAL is not an event of a single time. The algorithms of the motor search regularly change, then the tactics that worked the last year, perhaps do not serve this year.

2. To be patient. To realise positioning CATHEDRAL is not synonymous of an allowance right away. Often the results take months. This is especially certain while newer you are making businesses in line. 3.

To interrogate at the time of contracting a CATHEDRAL company. It is your work to know what type of tactics uses the company. Question by details. Question if there is some involved risk. Then, it enters Internet and you do your own investigation about the company, on tactics of which they spoke and so on. 4. To become CATHEDRAL student. If you took the route to do it you yourself, will have convertirte in CATHEDRAL student and to learn everything what you can. Luckily, there are many resources in the Web and many books that you can read. 5. To have Google Analytics. You must know clearly defined the goals for your efforts with CATHEDRAL, and need software analytics to control what is working and what no. 6. To construct to a great Web site. Pregntate, It is my Web site really one of the 10, the 30 or 50 best ones in the dumb one with respect to this subject? I know honest. If it is not it, mejralo. 7. To include in the page a map of the site.