Not long ago, digital color copiers / printers, engaged in typical stores online printing, producing less than 10 copies per minute. They worked not with lightning speed, but fast enough to provide adequate profitability of digital color printing. According to the guru copiers, Larry Hunt, "at the end of 1990. there were models with a capacity of 11 or 12 copies per minute, and slower machines were gradually replaced. Today, virtually all the new models produce more than 30 copies per minute. " Anyone who has been producing full-color products today will not apply to models that issues less than 65 copies per minute.

Not long ago, manufacturers Color copiers have decided that they need more sophisticated control system for its newest, high-performance full-color digital machines, capable of delivering up to 100 or more copies per minute. So born on digital full-color "printing machine", which sounds more convincing and peremptory – almost like "offset printing machine," With the increase in productivity and improved quality of digital printing full color devices on the market of printing services began to increase the share of operating the press. Ten years ago, color copy was 10.1% of the total share of sales producers printing, working on the basis of the franchise, and 7.2% from sales of the top 100 companies operating the press. This year, the share of digital color printing is 21, and 3% among franchisees, and 16.3% – among the 100 leading companies in online printing. In monetary terms this amounts to $ 427,818,685 and $ 98,862,817, respectively.

Extrapolate these figures to the industry as a whole – and see why providers connect their future with digital color printing market. If a significant number of content providers in the press now moves to full-color high-performance systems, while others thrive well, working with the less powerful models. According to a recent survey by Hunt, in this group dominated by three models – Xerox DocuColor 240/242, Xerox DocuColor 250/252/260 and Konica Minolta Pro C6501. Model and the bizhub PRO C6501 C6501P prints at 65 pages / min in both color and black and white at a monthly load of 300 000 prints, and bizhub PRO C5501 provides a black-and-white and color printing at 55 pages / min at a monthly load of 250 000 prints. "Series models are designed bizhub PRO C6501/C6501P/C5501 redefines the performance and price for full color printing systems, – said Kevin Kern, vice president of marketing for Konica Minolta Business Solutions. – The combination of quality, speed, reliability, low cost of ownership, a wide range of finishing options and powerful options for remote imaging is specific to models bizhub PRO C6501/C6501P / C5501, make them excellent choice for professional printers. " However, with the potential growth of the monthly volumes of print, many manufacturers are considering switching to a more productive, more powerful machines.