BEO-CONSULT: expert knowledge for trade, shipping and logistics especially in customs and export regulatory requirements are very complex and are subject to constant changes. Companies acting legally compliant and yet slim and efficient processes in this area would like to introduce, are dependent on expertise. BEO-CONSULT GmbH offers this for about one and a half years. The customs experts advise in all aspects of foreign trade, provide practical assistance and assist in certification and approval procedures. About 50 companies have so far resorted to BEO-CONSULT consulting services. Priorities are the AEO certification, sanction test and preference determination as well as export control, but also General aspects of internal and external logistics. In addition to a comprehensive analysis and process examination determined BEO-CONSULT together with the optimisation potential users and supports the introduction of customs processes in the company. The scope of the regulations and the requirements of customs and export are in the last ten years risen sharply.

“” In many companies lacking this internal know-how we close this gap with our offer “, explained Regina Konrad, Deputy Managing Director of we give BEO-CONSULT GmbH. insight into the current legal situation, inform about inch discount opportunities and, as sleek, secure processes company sintering can be implemented.” In addition, accompanied BEO-CONSULT users on request also for dates at the Customs and helps applications. Information about the consulting and services available at available. Specialized shipping and BEO the company focuses on software products and services in the areas of customs the BEO GmbH with headquarters in Endingen near Freiburg. founded in 1987 by the Managing Director Clemens Sexauer, the company employs more than 60 employees at four locations. The product lines are for customs clearance as well as for preference determination and sanction testing adapted continuously to the current legal requirements and ensure legal certainty and the permanent compliance with current regulations and guidelines for users. For sending BEO software applications offered for the packaging, shipment, as well as the dangerous goods management.