Its origins arise in the years 20S, but consolidates its name in the year 1995 with writer and journalist Daniel Goleman, which develops this term as the key factor for a successful adaptation in different contingencies of life and emotional intelligence is ultimately a set of metahabilidades that can be learned precursors that allowed elaborate such concept of topical; they were: Thornike in 1920, who defined intelligence as the ability to understand and direct to men and women, girls and boys, and act wisely in human relations in 1983 Gardnes, reformulated the concept of intelligence and elaborate of Multiple Intelligence, two types of intelligence relating to the social and emotional competence of individuals: Interpersonal intelligence, and Intrapersonal intelligence and defines them in the following way: Interpersonal intelligence: the Interpersonal intelligence is constructed from a nuclear capability to feel distinctions among others: in particular, contrasts in their States of mood, temperament, motivations and intentions: in more advanced forms, this intelligence allows a deft adult to read the intentions and desires of others; Although you have hidden Intrapersonal intelligence: is the knowledge of the internals of a person: access to the own emotional life to the own range of feelings, the ability to carry out discriminations between emotions and finally give them a name and resorted to as a means of interpreting and guide own behavior psychologists Mayer and Saloverey, in 1990 of New Hampshire and Harvard universities respectively; defined it to the interpersonal intelligence as a kind of social intelligence that includes the ability to monitor and understand the own emotions and those of others, to discriminate among them, and use the information to guide the thinking and actions of one. A subset of social intelligence that includes the ability to control the feelings and emotions themselves; as well as those of the other, to discern between them this information to guide our thinking and our actions these ideas are taken up by Daniel Goleman in 1996 and develops the thesis that the Interpersonal intelligence is: the ability to discern and respond appropriately to the States of moods, temperaments, motivations and desires of other people and believes that the Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to establish contact with the own feelingsdistinguish between them and take advantage of this knowledge to guide our conduct subsequently, Goleman notes in his book, emotional intelligence in the company in the year of 1998: the term emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize our own feelings and outsiders, to motivate us and well handle the emotions, in ourselves and in our relations taking into account the above considerationsWe can say that emotional intelligence is a capacity that has or can develop the individual to create positive results in their relations with themselves and with others. .