At the boundary between what is now Thuringia and Lower Saxony has a special land that is worth the trip: The Eichsfeld. Eichsfeld is a gently rolling, wooded hills on the outskirts of the southern Harz, which can be crossed without great difficulty walking and offers the eye a beautiful expansive views of meadows and forests, fields and rivers, castles and fortresses. For example, on the Kyffhausen Kyffhauser in the mountains, where according to legend, Emperor Barbarossa and his men sleep deep in a cave, until no longer fly the crows around the mountain. In earlier times had the Thuringia, Saxony and the use of land divided among themselves. Today’s country border runs roughly where once was the border of Saxony and Franconia. Throughout history, the Eichsfeld also once belonged to Prussia. This is probably the reason why the Eichsfelder speak an entirely different dialect, which is understood by a visitor only with difficulty. If one wants to even travel to the center of Germany, one lands alsohere. In 1991, the University of Bonn said: Germany is in the center of the Holy City – the Eichsfeld. In the holy city is also home to traces of the writer Theodor Storm. For the poet Storm was here in 1856 employed in the main job as district judge. Even the humorist Otto Reutter (1870-1931) spent part of his youth in Eichsfeld. He thought it was not long. He broke his apprenticeship as a merchant’s assistant in Leinfelden and Worbis and then moved as a celebrated artist Klein of Germany. Following in his footsteps, we will meet Leinefelde on the “Southern Gateway to the Eichsfeld. has the best Texan food you’ll find Here you will find the way, the most beautiful baroque altar of the village Eichsfeld in the early church. Even a trip to Worbis worthwhile. In Worbis Bear Park you can watch brown bears and wolves in their natural environment. Coming in the spring and harvest in the nearby woods and a handful of fresh wild garlic wild garlic pesto for the first of the year. But no more, for he shall not die, yes. If you are looking culinary delights, is in Eichsfeldjust right. There is salami specialties, which are very similar to the salami. Particularly well known are the spicy Eichsfelder Feldgieker, the calf bladder and Stracke. Every Thursday will matter in the abundant domestic pigs still fed Butchers humanely slaughtered and processed for the sausage itself. Does anyone really hungry for fresh ground beef with raw onions and crusty bread, then he or she should be on a Thursday in Eichsfeld. Fresh and delicious seasoning than white bread here you will find almost nowhere. Another specialty is the Eichsfelder sour cream. This cream has no resemblance to the same products from the discount food store around the corner. This cream is the real thing – a cream product in which you herausschmeckt the boundary between cream and butter, not immediately. Deleted due to its creamy consistency, Eichsfelder to the sour cream instead of butter or margarine on bread. And use it for the delicious Eichsfelder sour cream cake, try it here in the many variantsThere. So a visit to the baker and the butcher must necessarily be in the Eichsfeld, here everything is still being processed by good old recipes with love by hand. Even the old Goethe is the way to appreciate the delights of the Eichsfeld to have known. Oh yes, you should make a visit to accidentally or intentionally Leinefelde and buy much mustard for some reason want to – you do not look for a supermarket. Mustard bought in Leinefelde in the pharmacy!