As we all already know the user's desktop icons keeps files and folders, which often have to work on it opens the application window, so it is very important to set its appearance to suit your needs. To customize your desktop in Windows 7, need to see a new window personalization. To open it, right-click the desktop and select Personalize. Here, as you can see choose a theme, desktop background, screen saver, etc. There is nothing obscure, and this part, we will not analyze in depth (work out for yourself).

So, let's see box personalization (with illustrations here) also have become classic wallpaper and solid color desktop, you can use a completely new feature of Windows 7 – a slide show on your desktop (of course in the Background tab of the desktop). This is an exciting innovation combines his capabilities as a classical static background images, and dynamic effects of the slide show. If you include a slide show on your desktop, then you will never get tired of the background image because the image will be rotated each other at a specified interval. To enable the slide show in the window changes your desktop background, move the mouse pointer to the other samples of background images and check boxes for those who want to include in slide show. You can add a slide show and your pictures. At the bottom of the window in the list change every image, you can set the interval at which images will be replaced.