A day strolling the neighborhood San Gervasi of Barcelona I coincidentally ran into in a small shop of decoration objects whose name inspired me very curious: Babel Fusion Art & Design. Today this small decorative objects and so original and so precious gift shop is my reference point increasingly need to find some small detail to decorate my house or something to give away. Your catalog of products is very varied and their prices are very good. Speaking with the owner the explained me that the idea call this Babel Fusion Art & Design store was born because more than two years ago when he, with his partner, decided to create a place where you could mix design objects coming from different places and cultures. For this reason you can find Babel precious objects Italians made in glass, objects of design from Canada, mats Mexican handknitted, roads of tables, precious candles led, decals, accessories such as rings, bags, wall clocks, precious burners produced in England and many things more than ever let me to open mouth. Babel Fusion Aryt & Design is not only objects of decoration and gift shop, is a rather a project that seeks to promote new ideas look to the design. For this reason, Babel Fusion Art & Design sponsors GUAY MEGA games project since already more than one year ago: a few precious toys for kids made with recyclable cardboard: a true pass! They talk about this project with great enthusiasm and illusion: need merely take a look at the objects to understand perfectly that this will soon be much more than a project born to almost joke (www.paperarts.es) as they say return for a moment to Babel Fusion Art & Design; I asked Diego, one of the two owners of Babel, which would have been the key to a success that has lasted for more than two years holding in such a difficult time for the global economy. Is what convinced ask that back had some secret that no could almost explain his response was for me very amazing for its simplicity.