Attractive leather accessories by Anthoni Crown Hamburg, 08.03.2010 – the passion of people for the exciting and unique smell of leather is hundreds of years old. She finds herself back in the most diverse areas of modern life. Only the finest leathers are chosen for the interiors of expensive limousines and carefully designed luxury yachts of Arab sheikhs. Only the genuine leather gives every accessory its final perfection.? The cornerstone of the brand “AC” was created at the beginning of the 19.Jahrhundets in “good old England”. The traditional company came in the wake of the economic crisis in the 1920s in trouble, until a Russian family during a visit in London again spotted it and decided to reinvigorate a brand “AC”.?The internationally successful designer of “AC” is characterized by a philosophy of exclusivity. The entire collection consists of letter -, belts, purses and handbags. The leather accessories are perfectly matched and thus for every occasion with each other combined.? An unmistakable aura of resistance and luxury can be felt in every single piece of Anthoni Crown. This fine magnetism, who works in the Interior exudes confident outwards and gives the owner the certainty to belong to a special class.? The main products include the belt.

What is special about “AC” is the belt closure protected by the German Patent Office. The infinitely variable adjustment offers the winner an unprecedented comfort and completely dispenses with thorn close and worn out holes in the belt. This ensures a gentle and long-lasting wear. No matter what situation, whether while driving or while dancing, with a single hand grip changed the belt distance and promotes convenience.?The purses. Who has it, they love pulls out. And thus an aura of unlimited possibilities, waste and excess.

Even if there is nothing in there. Then, there is an abundance of nothing. Magic? Better said: real seduction. Nobody buys these Accessories only due to their function. A God inside these small things. A whisper. A be alive.? The handbags. Do not force us to praise form and workmanship. The beauty and the beast of everyday life here are almost tender combined. Who wants to ignore the??? The Anthoni Crown collections exist in many variations of classic sporty and stylish and in many exceptional colors, and Swarovski crystals as with the “black ice” close the Red “Galaxy crocodile embossing” in patent leather, or the “snake look”.? We may not promise eternal life. But accessories that connect with the soul of the owner. Enter the inseparable soul affinities. A Covenant for life.? Meet Anthoni Crown now in the next fashion – and lifestyle-shop or in the exclusive showroom in Hamburg’s prime location and on the World Wide Web.