2010 Met ten years of the foundation of mundoFranquicia consulting, one of the companies of reference in the field of consulting franchises in our country. An anniversary in which the consultant expected to develop a wide range of events and activities aimed at professionals in the sector, both franchisors and franchisees. In these ten years, mundoFranquicia consulting has been a direct witness of the evolution of a sector of the franchise that has a remarkable growth experiment and Spanish retailer has become one of the pillars of trade. For Mariano Alonso, his General managing partner and founder, it means seeing the dream come reality. In 2000 we decided to bet on a distinctive signature that you used to fund in a key facet to enterprise development in franchise and the opening of new businesses not had granted until then so much relevance: the comprehensive consultative support of specialists that support strategic planning and execution functions franchisers outsourcing facets. Today, After all the way walking and the results obtained, I can say that we have met the challenge.

A statement of principles for a 10 year ten years which have given much and have mostly served to enrich and develop all kinds of initiatives and programmes in the service of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals linked to the franchise. We have attended much of the history of the Spanish franchise in the front row and we have played an important role in its evolution as demonstrated by having advisors to hundreds of entrepreneurs franchisors and franchisees. The course of mundoFranquicia consulting in the next few years will remain the same. But this will not be the only focus upon which the consultant will act in the coming years. Also insist on serving other four aspects that have made him stand out: one: the dissemination of the franchise as a formula business through seminars, courses and publications.