Today, more and more in online advertising and promotion can be heard the term integrated internet marketing. Integrated online promotion of corporate resources – a very popular and fast enough developing field. And this is connected primarily with the fact that a comprehensive Internet marketing is a really effective tool for development company in the Internet environment: from its representation in the Internet market and ending with an increase in consumer audience and increase sales. However, many managers, even with some experience on the Internet are not always fully understand what is a comprehensive internet marketing and what its advantages compared to already established traditional online advertising and search engine optimization. Let's try to understand this question, citing specific examples of an integrated Internet marketinga.Nachnem with the definition of an integrated internet marketing. Comprehensive online marketing – this is a specific set of activities that includes the integration of various marketing strategies to increasing the number of sales or increase the average order value by one buyer (or other targets that are placed directly by the customer). It is worth paying attention to the fact that the ultimate goal integrated internet marketing is not simply to attract audiences and increase company profits by attracting active buyers.

It uses various channels of "communication" and to attract potential buyers. It should also say that moment that for complex online marketing is used as a standard set of tools and channels to promote and strictly individual channels, that show its effectiveness, for example, only for a particular industry or a particular product. Consider some examples of an integrated Internet marketing, identifying the most effective channels and tools. The project – safety equipment (wholesale and retail sales). The most effective channels of promotion – search engine (on the narrow subject-based query), electronic trading platforms (torg.mail), contextual advertising (in the narrow demands, such as cables and trays –, to more generalized – fire alarm – Another project – Product: gift travel certificate.

Most effektinye channels: forums (Female, forums, hh, forums, and wedding gifts), ie site of the target audience, which is a direct consumer produkta.Proekt – confectionery equipment. Here, the most effective channel – food and portals portals on the equipment: direct placement of equipment on the data sites. In this case, the site was a special form to submit an application on the concerned equipment. The next project, which promoted in an integrated online marketing – disinfectants for cleaning food processing equipment. The aim here was to attract regional partners. The most effective channels and tools were: releases and ads on food portals to open new and unique affiliate program in conjunction with search engine optimization site. Also on site was a special form for sending requests to participate in This affiliate program. Here are just some examples of projects which were promoted by using the principles of integrated internet marketing. Of course, a comprehensive Internet marketing includes wide tools, ranging from search engine promotion and ending with an individual appeal to the consumer, based on the mechanisms of trust marketing. The basic principle of integrated internet marketing is that based on a thorough study of competition and the consumer behavior is formed by individual plan (strategy) to promote the resource, which includes both work directly with the site itself (Udobopolzovanie, informative) and positioning it in the Internet environment. A result of an integrated Internet marketing is becoming – effectively operating a resource that brings you new customers.