Copies of vertu production in Hungary. Copies of the Vertu phones do not contain even the slightest reminder of the fact that they are made in China. Nothing like this can not be found in the literature, or packaging device. Even at Battery flaunt labels that comply fully with the inscriptions of the original models of Made in UK (England). Only the charger alert the buyer can find the inscription Made in China.

But this label did not argues, because it is well known that 99% of peripheral devices, which included modern phones manufactured in China. It is this inability to easily buyer nor the first, nor a more detailed examination, to determine the country of manufacture, and many vendors pushing copies of Vertu phones to say that their phones are produced in Austria, or at least in Hungary. Only a very good specialist, having spent special tests, special equipment and dismantling the building, will be able to verify the true identity of a country, a copy of your phone. But to make this check when you buy the phone just is not possible. Possibly only rely on word (parole), the seller. Yes, even holding all sorts of tests, the specialist will determine only the origin of the CPU and motherboard, and the deciding factor when buying a phone and selecting copy has always been a high-quality housing.

And that Chinese manufacturers copy phones today can confidently say that the quality of their work is at the highest level. And this fact is pushing many retailers Chinese phones Vertu is totally unreasonable to charge up the phones, rather, on a copy of phones Vertu. And most such sellers argue their action was "European origin" copies of the phone. Although it is worth noting that today more and more companies do not hide, "Chinese roots" of their phones and publicly declare that their phones are made up in China. After all, now sign "Made in China 'no one is no longer in analogy with the bad quality. In the stores and shops and mobile in Europe and in Russia, most of the original cell phones the most famous brands in the world is made in China. And this fact is absolutely no surprise. It is in China, the cheapest work force and perhaps the most favorable economic conditions, as the Chinese government tries to do everything possible to ensure that as much as possible to attract investment to their economies. That is what attracts the majority of companies from around the world who specialize in the manufacture of household appliances and electronics, computers and accessories them to transfer their main facilities to China. This, in turn, creates China's most excellent facilities that increases the skills of Chinese workers, allowing them to perform the most precise work and produce electronic devices of the highest degree of difficulty. All this has led to the fact that currently have almost no one will venture to assert that there are copies of Vertu, manufactured outside of China. And those who are engaged in the sale and implementation of copies Vertu phones for years, and continuously monitors the news and any changes in the range, is well aware of the "inside" the market. They argue that for all the time they are not faced with copies of these phones manufactured anywhere other than China. However, once the buyer has the right to decide whom he will believe, and what means he is willing to pay for a particular product.