Do do always say Hugo Chavez? as a joke? the planet Mars at one time housed human life, but capitalism swept away with her. From there the erosive and devastated aspect of what was left of the planet. Industrialism wishful thinking, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the use of nuclear weapons, as well as other elements (see below), would be the grim climax of the fable, already alluding to the mechanisms responsible for the catastrophe, of pressure and suppression mechanisms of the prevailing economic model in the world. Habit and system of the devastation. The capitalist model porfia in their livelihood, even when you contemplate the ruins of what its implementation has generated. The political right, with its imperial pretensions, defends it wishful thinking, knowing that is the only facade that conceals the rude social division of masters and slaves, exploiters and exploited, and oppressors and oppressed that she behaves. Historically have been made (capitalism and right) with the concept of democracy for forging of their interests.

Won’t you so far when you hear that U.S. cultivates the best democracy in the world (what a coincidence, not!) and verifies that arrests to intervene militarily in other countries and punish the breach of progressive legislation in the world: democracy. Way as capitalism, political right and democracy (in its version prostituida the last) seem to constitute the ideological domination and planetary devastation liquified. You hear them debate amid the robust and present sistemico-financiera crisis, juggling to sell the idea that capitalist development without crisis is possible. Emblematic was the effort made in Pittsburgh (September) by the richest countries (G-8) to convince the other members of the G-20, namely the so-called emerging economies, such as Brazil, China, Argentina, between otras. not there is progress without capitalism and industrialism at any cost, as if there was a conspiracy of this sinister group to sink the planet with their poor and save them and only themthe only ones they deserve to live, rich all of them.