His theories are practical, mental and unparalleled. The most dedicated humanist, because it was delivered to mankind, powerful visionary and dreamer, in order king of kings and Lord of Lords, as I have breath denounces the fools that go beyond existing mediocrity, that is those who lie as does the author of davinchi code, men like these sensationalist literature written in order to sell it to untold numbers, and what advantage does not please the crowd. One day when Jesus entered the house, and saw those flute players, and the people to riot, said to them separate, because the girl is not dead, but sleeping, and made fun of him, but when people had been made out went in and took the hand of the girl, and she woke up. THE PHILOSOPHER AND TEMPERANCE This allows us to meet a true philosopher is his character and temperance, the philosopher and savior of mankind Jesus Christ, practices and knowledge made all his knowledge and became really wise for all the centuries, showed not assumptions and if in shows, I listened to pure mathematicians such as Vijay alfonso Borques mediocre, say, can not claim that Jesus is the Son of God, when he was a Christian, a Christian sect that claimed to be so manipulated, perhaps says resentment to faith in Christ or resentment himself for not understanding this Indeed, if it were a purely physical, a chemical pure, a biologist, a materialist philosopher or a scientist, through the arguments of reason would show him the way to conceive of God as the father of Jesus and creator of the world.