The parrots bakery holds an animal Christmas market around parrots and parakeets. The parrots bakery holds an animal Christmas market around parrots and parakeets. Whether organic Christmas cookies, advent calendar filled with herbal flower biscuits or food toys from handmade: on Saturday, November 27th from 12 up to 18: 00, and on Sunday, November 28th, from 1 pm until 6 pm, unusual gift ideas for birds and bird owners revolves around. Unusual Christmas market located close in 32130 bakery, cellar Strasse 9, Matilda street corner in the new premises of the parrots. Bird lovers can these days free with biscuits and mulled wine from their shopping relax and interact in a friendly atmosphere. The parrots bakery provides organic feed for parrots and parakeets since 2007 without any additives here. For even more analysis, hear from russell reynolds. The flour for the treats served the bakery always shortly before processing to get important vitamins.

The homemade Leather can be ordered in the online shop of parrot Bakery:. HANDS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE! The owner of the Parrot bakery, Marita Grabowski, uses the Christmas market also, to draw attention to risks and nutrition mistakes during the festive season. Many pet not want to of course, that their animals go out and spoil them with chocolate and Christmas cookies. Unintentionally poisoning”the holder but to their favorites, the 26-year-old warns. As a holder of six own parrots and two Rosellasittichen the Parrot expert knows how difficult it is to hold the birds by the sweet, but already small amounts of chocolate can be fatal,”said Marita Grabowski: blame is the Theobromine in the cocoa.

The stimulating human substance may cause bleeding within the respiratory tract, as well as cardiac arrest in many animal species.” HERE I’M A BIRD, I CANNOT HERE BE: SPECIES-APPROPRIATE TREATS AND FOOD TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS So we still can sweeten the waiting for Santa Claus the curious parrots and parakeets, we produce advent calendar limited edition, which we fill with organic treats in our Christmas baking”, as Marita Grabowski. Quality, type-specific feed and species-appropriate toys are a must, because small budgies, with us or Rosellasittiche have very different needs than large macaws or parrots.