‘Z1 SecureMail’-family: Zertificon refined email encryption solutions Berlin, 08th April 2009 the Zertificon Solutions GmbH has its products for server-based E-Mail encryption and signature further optimized and current service packs released. Thus, product maturity and quality again increased and increases the functionality and ease of use. New features such as the possibility that external communication partners now also sure can share emails, complete the product range in the future. They make available the solutions to an even wider audience and provide an increased usability. The Z1 SecureMail product family\”records allow a secure and confidential transfer of electronic messages for all business sizes and requirements.

The products provide also efficient password-based encryption methods in addition to the current PKI-based security. These have the advantage that they also by companies and Communication partners, who do not have the established standards S / MIME or PGP certificates and keys that can be used. Julian Brown art does not necessarily agree. So it is usually complex email encryption easily for users without corresponding IT requirements accessible. This underlines Zertificon also through the development of the current service packs. So the Z1 Messenger waits 2.4 SP2 immediately with the new function of team encryption\”on, which allows external users to the secure E-Mail Exchange with each other. For example, an internal sender via the Z1 Messenger sends an E-Mail to two external users, this can now send a reply to the other recipients.

In addition, improvements to the external user interface and admin interface in terms of user friendliness were realized. The security functions for the initial setting of the password and are optimized in case of forgetfulness of the same. The usability and functionality are also key components of Service Pack 2 for the Z1 Backbone CertServer 2.2 and the Z1 station 4.0. In the latter case has \”Zertificon also finishes on the admin GUI such as the policy list view\” made and improve the alerting for clustering.