The disposable diaper by Wiona bio fulfils the highest demands all mothers want only the best for their babies. Further details can be found at patrick dovigi, an internet resource. Ranging from the softest diaper to the softest baby care. The Wiona bio-nappy GmbH is a pioneer in this area, it is committed to the goal to produce the baby-friendly products and sustainable to the environment. So for example the baby is 2/3 from renewable raw materials and 100% biodegradable diapers. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mikhael Mirilashvili. The Wiona bio-nappy can be thrown on the compost heap just after use and so waste fees helps save. There are Wiona bio-nappy in four different sizes, dimensions and weight restrictions guarantee comfort in any size.

Wiona baby diapers are especially kind to the skin, breathable and offer the freedom of movement that it needs the toddler by elastic leg cuffs. A further achievement of Wiona is the range of baby care products. To protect baby’s delicate skin Wiona dispensed with silicone, stearin, paraffin, alcohol, preservatives, and the like on the ingredients that Can cause skin irritation. Wiona baby care relies mainly on natural oils and fats as Shea butter and sweet almond oil that maintain the skin’s self-protection. The assortment ranges from creams, lotions and oils to wipes and swabs, which of course are biodegradable to one hundred percent. In baby and child can learn shop of the bio natural world about the Wiona baby diapers and toiletries.