Returning to the Klotler approach, you could say that if a customer is not satisfied with the product or service you purchased, you can choose to simply not to buy it, again adding highly recommend that is not consumed by any of his acquaintances in the circle that unfolds, remember that a dissatisfied customer has ten negative comments in power and when he is pleased will recommend it to three people maximum. Simply go back to purchase the product, solve unrest, while both in the Organization this is a trigger for conflicts, who forget that the whole of each of the individual actions, by area and as a company is the external customer satisfaction. Let’s start by understanding that organizations are shaped by individualistic humans and with different customs, values and experiences, while it is true, when recruiting staff, through various tests, such as interviews, tests of abilities, aptitudes and attitudes, intelligence, etc., selecting those that meet with the profile you are looking for the company. Formerly, hoped that with these tests before I got the ideal candidate, but human beings is evolutionary, by which has been necessary to adapt to new approaches, companies have opted for trainings, work equipment, benefits, individual motivation and together, to achieve an organizational and human development, it is important to meet the needs of each one of the clients that remain within the company for companies, remember that a satisfied customer is an advertising that does not generate any cost and if great benefits. A new model is to motivate the collaborator to spend family time, exercise, get breaks, encouraging them to be participatory and propositional, this WINS commitment, companionship and satisfied customers, why feel part at all and not only of the role undertake, know the importance of each of their actions and this creates a working environment positive that reflected abroad. Conclusion, it is important to have clients satisfied to generate collective synergy that drives the actions internally and externally, continue to innovate, contribute to our environment, family, business, group or any place where we can develop ourselves, any place will be customer and suppliers.