In any business leadership skills are basic. Money does not go into business with the best products or services. Money is flowing into the business with better leaders and better management team. However, if you – the team leader and at the same time the most powerful person in the team, your team is in trouble! In business, leadership skills are important simply because the manager must deal with people much more powerful than he. Strong in the sense that every wage-worker expert in his field, ie He is stronger than you in your field.

For example the seller in sales, an accountant in the accounting, etc. You, as a leader, not necessarily to be strong in all areas or, worse, more of your employees. At least superficially enough to know what they know. Ben Silbermann might disagree with that approach. To build up money for a business leader often has to deal with people much richer than himself. Typically, managers of more largest and most successful companies, people from the government, etc. Another important quality of a leader – is trust. Money, trust and leadership go hand in hand! Money is always flowing to the leader. If you want more money just become a great leader. Another leader of the main skills – speaking with another person on the souls! Take off.