When the literary critics reproached Robert Kiyosaki, the author of best-seller Father Rico, Poor Father by his style to write (bad, according to them) he responded to them that he was not author of the book better written, but of the book better sold. I take advantage of this phrase and this situation to clarify to something with respect to my Web site: it is a site for writers who want to be authors of best-seller, of books better sold, and not of books better written. So far, at least, you will not find tips to improve your style nor your spelling. Already there is too much of that in Internet. You do not interpret bad my words, also matters to me to improve my writing, my style, my spelling, etc.

But I have a theory, and is the following one: if I want to continue writing, first selvage, soon I write. That is that if nonselvage, I cannot continue writing! It imagines these two situations: you are a great writer, your novel is a work excelsa that would have to be next to best masterpieces of world-wide Literature. But you are not able to publish your book, that is that is not sold. Result: you cannot live to write, reason why you will have to look for to make another thing for ganarte the life and you will almost not have time to write. Probably your works are open pies (if they are open pies) and they are valorized after you die! Now we imagine the second option: you are a mediocre writer, but delays not to be completely cultivated nor to reach the perfection degree that the literary critics hope.

Your objective is to publish and to sell your works; at the most bandage, better. Result: you write and you sell your works. Perhaps the critics are favorable, perhaps no. But with the money product of the sales you continue writing, practicing, studying and perfeccionndote. Probably I reach the fame before dying and you can enjoy a considerable fortune! You understand the point? If you want to live to write, first it decides if you want to be a writer of the book better written or the writer of the book better sold. If elijes first I recommend to you that you take one from the so many writing courses, writing (novels, stories, creation of personages, etc.), spelling, etc. that there is that way, as much actual as through Internet. But what you want is TO LIVE TO WRITE, concntrate in selling what you write. Elije subjects of the present time, enfcate in the readers, who are, where they are, what they do in his free time, etc., always looking for the best form to arrive at them, as much in the publication and commercialization as in the design of the covers of your book, the publicity, marketing (yes, also you will have to make publicity and marketing Thus you will be able to use your gains for perfeccionarte and to as much get someday to be the writer of the book more good sold as the author of the book more good written!