You probably know that over time, conventional video cassette VHS (and all others that use magnetic tape as a vehicle) loses its former kachestvo.S every year storage, as well as with each viewing of the film is aging and slowly rassypaetsya.Primerny shelf video is limited to about 15 years, after which entries may be lost already navsegda.Eto very sad, because we keep our most exciting events in life by his youth until now then on media, but it seems nothing can be done to save them. But in fact there is a way out that will help extend the life of your tapes for decades is digitizing videotapes. When digitization of video recording with video re-encoded into a modern digital format (mpeg 2) and then recorded on DVD-discs, the shelf life of which more than 100 let.Malo what is now your records were not in danger and their quality will be unchanged, but the editing and video montage of these records will be much easier if you want you will be able to do now is one movie, clip or a full movie about the event that you shot on camera many years ago. Everest Capital often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now you know that the digitization of video cassettes is the need to keep all your video archives forever, so do not delay it, and enjoy a digitizing shortly..