The latest issue of Maclean’s has three covers – one apiece for Mr. Harper, Mr. Dion and Mr. Layton. Paul Wells, who blogs for the mag, posted about the spiffy design and got a response from Jack Bensimon of Bensimon Byrne. Hi Paul, I think Maclean’s has done a terrific job with the three covers this week. But credit really must go to the media director here at Bensimon Byrne, Tatania Tucker. The idea was to create an impactful magazine ad buy for our client Hyundai to launch their Genesis model. She and her team proposed the three cover idea to a number of magazines, including Macleans. Several took us up on it. I’ll grant you that you guys have taken full advantage of it. And your art direction is outstanding.But it’s a little misleading to blog about it as purely an editorial concept. Jack Bensimon I find it interesting that got lifted the curtain a bit on the role advertising and media play in cover design. Most consumers, I’d wager, do not know that much about the demands that advertisers place on magazines. Whether I’m not sure Bensimon wanted his letter made public (if he did, I could have posted it in the comments section of Well’s original post), so if publicity was not the goal, what was Surely, this is not so rare an occurrence that I felt the need to acknowledge his Media Director’s efforts.Am I wrong Media folk – Jeromy Lloyd (Credit where credit is due: I caught wind of this via Canadian Magazines, a great blog about the mag biz) UPDATE 10:30 – Check the latest issues of Profit and MoneySense (which are in the Rogers family with Macleans) for similar multi-cover executions, courtesy of Hyundai.