All have become accustomed to the use of software systems to automate accounting, optimization of the warehouse, recording vehicles, etc. However, progress does not stand still and modern information technology opens new opportunities for the organization of control systems of transportation: from creating the optimal plan for delivery of goods using electronic cards to monitor vehicles. In this case, the cost of similar solutions is that their implementation can afford not only large enterprises but also small businesses, and return on investment in logistics systems and monitoring of only a few months. System monitoring of vehicles is a hardware-software complex, which includes several components: electronic maps, flight controllers for vehicles, sensors and actuators (Used for monitoring the condition of the vehicle or equipment installed on it (ignition sensor, an alarm button and other equipment). The effect of the introduction of systems is obvious: Reduce the time of delivery of products; Increased efficiency of vehicles by reducing waste mileage and downtime Reduce cost of shipping by 10-20% due to fuel savings, increase productivity, increase discipline drivers; Prevention of misuse of vehicles, reducing the risk of losses from theft and transportation of goods. The system works gps monitoring of transport: The vehicle installed on-board controller (the car can also be installed additional sensors: the sensor plug, the opening / closing doors, emergency button, etc.), which determines the location, speed, direction of movement of the vehicle using a global satellite system gps, as well as analyzes the status of sensors. Onboard controller transfers data at specified intervals via gsm (GPRS-on channel) to the control center, which allows the operator to monitor objects in real time. Dispatch Center is a computer (PC or laptop) with software and connecting to the internet dedicated channel. Manager sees the location of vehicles on an electronic card, analyzes the information and, if necessary, promptly reacts to the situation..