Did you know that most people use search engines to find information on tourist destinations? And, most, first, when you buy, do it for reasons more sensitive than rational? If we make a conclusion from the above facts, we could say that your travel site must appeal to the feelings of the visitor and potential customer to become a traveler effective use your services. There are many and multiple ways to accomplish this (I call them “Techniques of Mental Magic”), and then I’ll tell you two of my favorites: First, the content of the pages in your site must be compelling, unique, flashy, special, different, shocking … People buy experiences, benefits, positive feelings. Therefore, each of the pages of your site should convey this, in every way possible. For example, the traveler does not care if the hotel has sea views, but he can be with his wife, the best sunrise of the East Coast or the most romantic Valentine’s Day, while delivering with his fiancee and the sun slowly bathe in the sea. For more specific information, check out Ben Silbermann. So, first of all, it transforms all the features into benefits. Secondly, your site should contain the best pictures and videos you can get to each location, each room of each destination. For example, if you put photos on pages that match your passenger type (eg a family man between 35 and 45 years, with certain purchasing power, etc), where you may be surrounded by his wife and children, smiling, and the destination you want to sell as the place where the photograph is taken, you drive it, so subliminal and unconscious, instant identification with the image.

This generates, so unconscious, a more proactive approach to buy your products or services. When you can appeal to the senses of the traveler. Think about what you are looking for, primarily, the potential client and give it in the pages of your site. Thus, not only achieve your mission original (which is on page reading your information) but also the end: turn it into an effective customer your business on tourism. Tomorrow I will share with you more specific techniques for you to have an effective website for tourism, that is, a site that generates more and more profits and new customers.