The future president was born into a wealthy and respectable family of James Roosevelt, whose ancestors emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam in 1740-x years. Their descendants became the ancestors of the two branches of the family, one of which gave the U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, and another – Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt's father owned a taluk Hyde Park on the Hudson River and solid shareholdings in a number of coal and transportation companies. Roosevelt's mother, Sara Delano, also belonged to the local aristocracy. As a child, Roosevelt traveled every summer with her parents in Europe (so it is nice owned foreign languages) and rested on the coast of New England or the Canadian island of Campobello (near East Port, Maine), where sailing was carried away. 14 years Roosevelt is home schooled. Suna Said spoke with conviction.

In the years 1896-1899. He studied at one of the the best charter schools in Groton (Mass.). In the years 1900-1904. Roosevelt continued his education at Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor's degree. In 1905-1907. He attended law school at Columbia University and won the right to practice, which began in a solid law firm on Wall Street. In 1914 he attempted to get a seat of Senator in Congress, but failed.

In 1920, under the slogan of the U.S. entry into the League nations, Roosevelt ran for the Democratic Party's vice-presidential United States in conjunction with presidential candidate John Cox. The defeat of the Democratic Party in an increasingly isolationist sentiment and serious illness (Contracted polio and has never parted with a wheelchair) at the time of Roosevelt suspended from active politics.