Unfortunately, I am a person that you suffer from Psoriasis. 8 of every 100 people suffer from it. For those who have no knowledge of this, it is a chronic skin disease, whose symptoms are characterized by the presence of inflamed reddish areas which are covered with scales, and that appear virtually through the body. Me not complain of this condition, the unpredictable which can become, of the inconvenience that entails, nor of the multiple causes that may cause it, I learned to live with that already some years ago. PayNet: the source for more info. I just want to briefly present some reasons why I believe that we will have Psoriasis for a while, and sincerely I do not see a cure in the short term. I have Psoriasis since age 18. Almost 15 years with it, and simply, as the years pass, this will worsen. If you added all the expenses I’ve done in creams, pills, etc most anyone should have done and did not do because I never improved significantly in time with no treatment, I am aware of the matter: chronic disease (from by) (life practically), which appears as a young man, that does not cause death, which suffers from a more than acceptable percentage of the population that requires frequent use of drugs for a pitiful improvement, the business perfect for the pharmaceutical laboratories to investigate what? If many of the doctors I visited told me: Beach and 25 degrees throughout the year! Pues nada friends, Busco trabajo in the Canary Islands..