Between the first customers as Overture”and after a mass, targeted follow-up should take several weeks time ideally. “By making various, skillfully controlled contact an arc can be with possibly different addressees on, which limited the time closely event fair” appear as a highlight of an exciting and sustainable production of the company or a brand. Sometimes very much more to align in the run-up to the combination of good ideas, tact, and the constant drops”as costly material battles on a stand. In addition, a timely involvement of journalists and multipliers, which have validity and weight for the industry or the own specific theme, is extremely important. Here it is important, first announcements, invitations, and press articles, the the trade media and press offices of the Trade fair companies as some weeks prior to an event are must, to prepare, so that they can fully develop their effect and to disconnect to the original subject field as possible before anyone else. By the way: Many of the media relevant for an exhibition and its exhibitors plan special pages or even special editions in later editions, which appear to the events produced in advance. Here an early research and individual contact with publishers and editors is so worthwhile.

Publicity or secrecy? However experience has shown that many businesses find it hard too early about new products”to communicate out of fear that could bring immediate competitors still in position. By secrecy, however valuable opportunities are lost to contact publicist in appearance. “Two solutions are recommended in this case: either to have the courage and through open communication the freedom of expression and product leadership in itself bind, or as a silver bullet” to inform, to preserve details and surprises in store for exclusive trade fair and media presentations in more general terms. “Press kits, customer reception, events on the trade fair stand, press conferences, media cooperations: all these measures are also a perfect exhibition dramaturgy” and must be scheduled in a timely manner in its complexity and professionally prepared. Individual care of the media during a trade show targeted for reporting, such as in the form of interviews and reports, as well as final customer actions can and should be the highlight of any event. “Conclusion: measurement as a marketplace for communications” who heeded this definition and not alone on some event days limited, leave with a well thought-out and wisely implemented PR program with safety a sustainable success for his company. Ten to fifteen percent of the total cost should be planned as adequate fair-PR budget.