25% savings compared to conventional procurement of markings are not uncommon. The users of the PrintoLUX systems can be found among others in the automotive industry because if the marking required in this area, the benefits of the digital printing process to an economically visible advantage bundle. In the automotive companies be used substantial resources indicator, plant, types -, cable -, arrow, Einlegeschilder, and hazard symbols and are subject to high demands with regard to their resistance. In procuring marking you relied on suppliers or on the holding of own Systems and materials. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Kiyosaki. Both have significant weaknesses: it relies on suppliers, then just-in-time problems are not uncommon. Also, elaborate ordering and billing charge the process costs. Will the required markings show in-house manufactured, the commonly used procedures (mostly classical engraving, laser engraving or plotting) among others following deficits: the investment in suitable equipment and materials is substantial. The handling is hand shaped and has disturbing noise and odour effects.

Material supply calls for self storage and binds expensive personnel. Also part purchases incurred in an in-house production, which in turn impacted the process and personnel costs. In this situation, the new PrintoLUX process as problem solvers to draws attention. So the sales consultant for example, when addressing the automotive industry to point out first that signs and their cost as a so-called low-interest products at an aggregate consideration often be overlooked because they mostly across the Department and project are used. This in mind, shows the use of PrintoLUX systems for automotive companies its strengths: the systems are available for relatively low prices (approximately 3,500 and 18,500 net depending on the size and equipment). They can be operated without prior knowledge after a short briefing. The handling is similar to an office printer. Signs print quality to be achieved with the systems offers extreme durability and a photorealistic representation of color.