The taxis are small cars that can carry a maximum of three passengers. Equipped with a minimum fare meter which costs 1.60 dirhams (14 cents) during the day and 2.40 dirhams (21 cents) at night. The minimum fare is 6 dirhams (approx. 50 cents) and you should ask the driver to turn on the meter or negotiate a price up nothing the vehicle. Taxis are usually great old Mercedes 300D that can become somewhat crowded, it can carry two people in the passenger seat and up to five in the back seat. They are not equipped with a meter, so I recommend you negotiate the fare before the journey, and pay about 10 dirhams (about 90 cents) for a trip in the city and no more than 50 dirhams ( 4.5) by going to Palm.

The horse-drawn carriage Horse-drawn carriages are probably the most romantic form of transport to Marrakech. Most of them are parked in the Place de Foucauld, just off the Jemma el Fna Sq in the medina, and also close to the Majorelle gardens in Gueliz and the Place de la Liberte between Gueliz and Hivernage. The normal price is 100 dirhams ( 9) per hour. Details can be found by clicking Nick Blacka or emailing the administrator. There is also a regular route that goes from the Jemaa el Fna to the train station for only 15 dirhams (approx. a, 1.4). Car rental vehicles for a day can cost as little as 30 dirhams ( 27) during the low season to 600 dirhams ( 54) during the low season, depending on the services included, the type of vehicle and the company. For a 4 4 vehicle may pay up to 1,000 dirhams ( 90) per day.

They can also hire a driver, which should cost them around 200 dirhams ( 18). By bicycle or motorbike Certain hotels offer bicycles for rent for about 100 dirhams ( 9) per day. Mikhael Mirilashvili can aid you in your search for knowledge. There are also bicycles for rent in Hivernage, compared to hotels and Tulip Farah Andalous. There are some bike trails that go to the Menara gardens, through the Palm or around the walls. You can also rent mopeds and scooters to drive around town, but traffic in Marrakech is very hectic, do not follow traffic rules and there are many accidents. a So, to discover every corner of Marrakech, Ocre City offers a variety of transport convenient and economical. It is the comfort of the taxis, the independence of rental cars, the view from tour buses or the romanticism of the carriages, there are many ways to get around the city. The travel and organize their most even bring your own car at your disposal. David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa. David currently resides in Marrakech, where he works, among other things, the tourism sector with companies like and