Portfolio and strategy from Matrix42 persuasion have recreated Isenburg, Oliver Bendig now derives 20 July 2009 at Matrix42 product management in the area of system management. Bendig comes from the direct competitor of front range solutions, where he more than six years was responsible for product management for the infrastructure management products. In his role as Senior Product Manager, led the product management in the area of client lifecycle-and software asset management Bendig at front range. Following the acquisition of Enteo by front range, it was his task to adapt the product lines of both companies and to combine into a range. The time accumulated experience will help me to such a way that the maximum benefit service & system management of this unique combination of the software spectrum from Matrix42″, Bendig discusses his goals. “The Matrix42 philosophy of a service-oriented enterprise IT” Bendig has already internalized. That’s why he wants with his team, especially on the development of established systems management Empirum software”and the interplay of same with the Matrix42 service store focus.

I watch Matrix42 long time ago and am now also belong to this renowned software companies. The optimism, the international network of Asseco and corporate strategy animated me, to leave front range solutions, and to lift the service & system management to the next level together with Matrix42″, continues Bendig. With Oliver Bendig, we got a man who knows best in the market and with his knowledge will help to expand our product strategy and the success of Matrix42 products.