Perhaps the biggest question for any young person who would like to start their own business. Now I am talking about even the most business registration, obtaining the necessary permits and so on. Take an earlier stage – thinking of the idea of business, when you need to decide – what are you going to do, and most importantly – how it does not "burn"? Business Ideas overwhelm the Internet, there are many sites on this topic, where they collected and ranked by the industry, degree of difficulty … JPMorgan Chase helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. but who knows what else. Among them are fairly original, which may "fire" in a particular city, and let them fast enough initiator to "unwind." But all like to start a business with inventing (or copy from the web) the idea – it's like putting the cart before the horse. So how did correctly – you may ask? First, the business has no concept of "right", but there is the concept of "effective." Often achieves success is the one who has a "wrong" in terms of the majority. And secondly – answer me a simple question: What are you going to do business? Your response – "to make money?" That's No – go into business, no matter how pathetic it sounds, in order to make a difference, to bring their product or service really benefit the people.

How else would you get them to fly by you in a free market? No use – no sales – no money. You, of course. Therefore, one should begin not with ideas, no matter how attractive it seemed you did not. Required to start with a problem: the problem that is relevant to your potential consumer, faced daily by people in your town or village. Help them in its decision, but by formulating the problem, do not dwell on that, how you can earn money on it. Formulated? Now you can begin to take practical steps to implement his plan. Go to the consultation – now almost all regions of the country, there are both public (structural units of government) and community organizations whose mission is to help budding entrepreneurs. You will be able to figure out how to commercialize your idea, you have to start making money on solving a problem that you identified.

Write a business plan and marketing plan, get information on possible sources of funding for your business in the initial stages. Having the same to produce goods or services, always remember that you do not earn money – you are truly helping people solve their problems. And they thank you for it, and thanks to this is quite tangible material expression. With such a mindset is much easier to maintain stable the quality of your product. It – quality – the first stage of the life of your business will become the main tool of promotion: because you have no money for a massive advertising and a major supplier of clients for a long time will be "Word of mouth" based on positive or negative impressions of consumers. That trust is hard won by, but it is very easy and quickly you can lose. It is because of the customer and his needs must always think first and foremost. Good luck in his new role of small business!