Trend@dress Medien AG provides social privacy checklist before Facebook counts according to own alone in Germany 24.6 million active users. Each of these members is how active, can be answered of course not lump-sum. However, all types of users probably the question arises, what happens exactly with the data, specify in each post, comment, like or already at the registration. Because whether you only occasionally or daily, personal or business uses the most famous social media platform: Each post, reveal something accidentally, that not for every Facebook friend and certainly not for the whole Internet is danger. And right here is the social privacy checklist of Trend@dress Medien AG. This free tool enables anyone to check the personal Facebook settings closely based on a clearly arranged list. So, to ensure that only those information enter the own person on the Internet that you would like to share.

The social privacy Checklist: for every type of user suitable any user of Facebook has different reasons to use the social media platform. Some share almost everything with their private and business network, others share in principle no personal content. Also the social privacy checklist of Trend@dress Medien AG meets these differences. It shows in detail how privacy settings on Facebook can be adjusted that they correspond to the respective type of user and personal information are safe. Step by step shows how you can share material of any kind, without sacrificing privacy. Finally, privacy is not a Buzzword but right for all users. In the future to keep who enlists in the notification list, receives a message from Facebook change the privacy options and missed so no important update.

This is all the more important and current, the further Facebook grows. The company is financed through the sale of information about its members and therefore invents new ways to capitalize from its around 1 billion users. Last but not least also the shareholder of the U.S. company expect that to happen. It is not so difficult to put a stop the limitless use of personal information by advertisers with the right privacy settings! High time to protect their own data checklist of Trend@dress Medien AG about the social privacy.