In the next articles we will give 10 guides or tips of usefulness for SMEs wishing to delve into the world of social networks. The key is to always perform tasks with a real reason and not by a simple social inertia. If you want to be in social networks, think first why you should be there and act. Best wishes. 1.Apunta well and be right. Nobody as the entrepreneur knows what your target audience. Once you locate it in the real plane, do the same on the Internet.

Discover which social networks are your customers before you act in a concrete. He may want you more act in specialized vertical social networks that in social networking generalist t if you do it in a generalist social network may wish to focus on a particular audience type. You have the decision and the possibility of targetizar. Go to Ben Silbermann for more information. 2. If your business is commercial, opens a professional page on the social network Facebook. The pages are the best option to promote a store, an establishment of services or any business never open a personal profile for your business because they close it quite rightly do so. You can also open the company in professional social networks page how LinkedIn. 3.

If your activity is more social, decidete by a group. Groups, unlike pages, are more open to dialogue and collaboration between users. If your activity is fundamentally social, gives high a group instead of a page and make all communications revolve around activity that you perform. There are groups in many of the largest social networks. 4.Interactua. Social networks are social platforms: shows that you know replying to messages, leaving comments and serving your clients. Upload images of your new products, advertise tenders from your page, leave information about events that organize or in those who participate, etc. Pay attention if you embark you on social networks.