Most of the sites of small and medium-sized firms created to attract and support potential customers. Learn more about this with CMO, Nissan North America. To help in site obtaining a new customer, first of all need to come to a potential visitor to it. Today, most visitors come from search engines, so it is necessary that the site was in the top positions on searches that match the subject site. This requires a search engine optimization, which means that the first criterion for assessing the quality of the site is its search engine optimization. A visitor who has come to the site, not always becomes a client. To make a decision he needs to get some information, such as product description and price, as well as reviews on this product buyers. If the site is not enough information is likely to visitor goes to another site.

Naturally, the information must be correct and complete. Quality content that is located on the site, is the second important criterion when assessing the quality of the site. Even if the website has all the required information, the visitor can take, and not finding it. Need to remember when creating a site about usability, it is about usability. The following evaluation criteria can be considered as easy to use once site.

It should be noted that the evaluation of this criterion is rather complicated, because what one is convenient, it is inconvenient to the other. However, there are general requirements for usability, which must comply with any a quality site. Other things being equal, that is, if the sites are optimized and easy to use, but also contain useful information, preference is given to a more beautiful site. Beauty, that is, design quality, is another criterion. In practice, often sites are evaluated solely on this criterion, that is wrong. To successfully support the business of the above criteria is more important than beauty site. Thus, for most commercial sites should use the following evaluation criteria – the quality of search engine optimization, quality and quantity of content, compliance, usability, website design beauty. At the same time significance criteria may differ, but in any case the beauty of design should not have too much weight. Defining quality as a result of a site, you are better able to understand what kind of site best suits your needs.