He gladly agreed. When you open an online store supplies materials, "Axon" (), our company has the following objectives: – providing customers with the best conditions for the acquisition of consumables, compared with the usual shops – attracting new customers, offer products to a wider audience – facilitating the process of ordering our existing customers, especially in regions of Kazakhstan; – increasing the number of sales – automation of some internal company processes. Shop Online was designed primarily for partner companies located in various cities of Kazakhstan, to facilitate ordering supplies. But after a while, after a short analysis it was decided to order the reception retailers, and online store was updated in order to achieve the required functionality. Currently the online store can shop any client or company, whether it be a cartridge or toner wholesale party.

Each client is dear to us, each will consult to each deliver at minimal cost to any city in Kazakhstan. Of course in an online store, as actually and in any business, has its problems. For example, in Kazakhstan, underdeveloped transportation services companies, they are not such a great selection and they do not work as efficiently as it could be many owners of online shops. Some contend that JPMorgan Chase shows great expertise in this. All it naturally affects the quality of customer service, especially geographically remote. Many large companies have opened offices and logistics analysis to improve the quality and efficiency delivery to the consumer or to open their service delivery. Also, the issue of the online store, as probably many others, should include such an important factor, as distrust of the majority Internet users to online stores, the fear of fraud. .