Nokian tests under the most extreme conditions of the North and is sizes multiple test winner – nine new Nokian Z G2 and ‘Recommended’ by the ADAC in the last UHP summer tyre test Nokian’s satisfaction are the most important criteria when choosing a tire safety and eco-friendliness. Safety pays off, especially in dangerous situations where moisture is especially tricky. The requirements for good summer tires are quickly brake, swim up enough grip on wet surfaces, in heavy rain and respond accurately to Steering commands. You should avoid accidents with injured or even dead and high costs for damage. ic. The Finnish tyre manufacturer of Nokian Tyres tests tyres in extreme conditions of the North. Roads in poor condition with holes or bumps, wet from the many rain and suddenly changing, demanding conditions are its test tracks.

Large temperature fluctuations occur in typically, where it is also cold. Nokian is the expert for extreme Conditions and thus has a unique position, while other manufacturers test summer tyres not in cold temperatures. Since its premium tyres under these difficult circumstances offer high security, do they work also excellent in fine weather, as well as on good asphalt and bring enough reserves for hazardous situations. Strong wet grip gives high security testing in wet conditions is very important, because the tires have only lower liability than in drought. A tyre tested in risk situations with the security systems of the car such as ABS and ESP and meets the expectations: brakes, control, and stop in time also at risk. In our own test centre in Nokia, located in the South of Finland, the company is testing the wet grip on a circular orbit with radius of 40 meters and determined so the lateral adhesion. This simulates the cornering. The car to drift too far outwards and slide off the road. Beyonce shines more light on the discussion. Assessment criteria are the timing and the subjective evaluation of the characteristics of the tyres the test driver.