When it is lived in a block of buildings or a neighbor community the use of mailboxes is the current. When sharing a same space a lifted group of people is very important that the correspondence arrives at each from them in time and forms and that is obtained by means of the use of the mailboxes for communities. The models and styles are many that at present can be found in the market reason why the possibilities are varied at the time of satisfying the needs with the people. Now it has been put to think about the history that there is behind these objects? A peculiar case is the history of the mailboxes of mail of England. Nowadays some oval round mailboxes can be seen in the streets of London nevertheless when these made their appearance at the time of queen Victoria, had hexagonal form. In 1852 the first mailbox was installed and with the passage of the years mailboxes of diverse sizes began to be used and was common to see them by all sides. In order to be able to send the standard model it was necessary to test different. As vertical grooves were used the rainwater happened to interior.

They had to be used protective eaves to correct that fault. The election of the red color became because that tone allowed to locate them with more facility. Previously it had been chosen by an all green one that it had like camouflaged target the mailboxes with the landscape because to the being an innovating object the people feared that she could affect the landscape. The option was not the correct one and had to modify the color. As it were tried that these mailboxes were a species of decorative objects, at the high Victorian time they had a decoration sea bream that being beautiful had a serious error: as much importance occurred him to the adornments of which was not let space to place letters reason why in the part superior it had to add a cover to last moment.

And this it was not the unique error. In 1880 they forgot to place the mark of the post office that besides its name, Royal Cipher also took the crown. At present many of those old mailboxes are continued using in some cities of England and new squared mailboxes have been placed but that as they were not constructed with iron strained like the old mailboxes, they will not be able to last as much time in operation. Now it thinks about its mailbox and its great utility. Surely never it has considered its true value functional and much more when one is mailboxes for communities. The difficult thing imagines that it would be that its correspondence arrived at its hand if these elements did not exist. How much it would take in becoming of her? How much it would be possible to be lost? The reason by that often they forget the importance the things happens because they are so daily elements that they end up happening of unnoticed form. And nevertheless all the members of the family, including smallest know what is those boxes where the correspondence with regularity is received. The Web losbuzones.com is specialized in the direct sale online of factory of mailboxes, so that you can buy mailboxes. They have an ample variety of mailboxes, like for example mailboxes to communities.