The responsible person shall provide organizational leadership insulation works directly or through a foreman. Orders and instructions of the responsible person shall be binding on all employees at the facility. Protection of the workers should be ensured delivery of the administration required personal protective equipment (special clothing, shoes, etc.), performance measures for collective protection of workers (fencing, lighting, ventilation, protective and safety devices and accessories, etc.), sanitary facilities and devices in accordance with applicable regulations and the nature of work performed. Workers should be created appropriate working conditions, nutrition and rest in accordance with standard regulations on labor protection. Works are carried out in footwear and clothing. All persons on site must wear protective helmets. Decisions on safety must be considered and reflected in the organizational and technological maps and charts on the work. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Kiyosaki. Turnaround time, their sequence, the need for labor established with a view to ensuring safe operations and compliance time for measures to ensure the safe production work to any of the operations performed was not the source of production risks of concurrent or subsequent work.

In the methods and sequence of works should be considered danger zones that arise during work. If necessary, perform work in hazardous areas must be provided by measures to protect workers. Location of insulation work is necessary to ensure fire extinguishers, a box of sand, shovels, water, clear of combustible materials within not less than 5 m. Sanitary facilities shall be located outside danger zones. In the trailer for the rest of workers must be constantly replenished and first-aid kit with medical supplies, stretchers, fixing tires and other means to first aid. All workers at the construction site must be provided with potable water. Working with machinery, appliances, tools and instruments should be conducted in accordance with instructions for their use. In the production of insulation works shall be prohibited: a) to permit the employment of persons under 18 years old, and b) to permit the employment of persons that have not undergone a medical examination, training in the specialty and safety training, and c) get to work with bad tools and mechanisms.

Workers who perform insulation work, need to know: – the dangerous and harmful for the body production factors work performed – harmful substances and components of materials used and the nature of their impact on the human body – the rules of personal hygiene – instructions for insulation technology works, maintenance workplace safety, industrial hygiene, fire safety – CPR and first aid. Industrial and domestic waste generated on site shall clean and neutralize as specified in the Project Construction Management and Project of the works. The person responsible for the safe production work is required to: – familiarize workers with the working process map for painting – follow the proper condition of tools, machinery and appliances – to explain to employees their responsibilities and the sequence of operations. When the insulation works snowy, rainy weather, the workplace must be protected from the weather sheds or enclosure of noncombustible materials. Without protection from the weather to produce thermal insulation work is prohibited.