Many governments are spending huge amounts of money to rescue their economies. China, for example, intends to invest in the economy and the banking system more than $ 500 billion, while the U.S. has already invested 700. Chapter Governments agree on joint action in this difficult time for everyone. But as they say the Kabbalists, as long as people do not realize that the reason for the crisis – in themselves, in their relation to each other is futile to look reasonable, painless for all of humanity out of it. No cash infusion, the control of financial flows and joint efforts will not help.

It's beginning to understand and leaders of major powers. Words of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that economic egoism of some countries led to a general crisis, spread all over the world. As well as a statement of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to change the world, which, according to Mr. To know more about this subject visit PayNet. Brown should become less selfish. Are we prepared to ensure that when making decisions to take into account the interests of others and not act only out of selfish desire, which constantly whispers to us his favorite song: 'Take it, take it, do not be shy! What are you different? At all may not be enough "? But the world is arranged so that if we are indulging selfishness, we will take, take and only take it, then inevitably would get (and falling) under the blows of nature, working, unlike us, to return.

So she tries to explain that there are certain laws of human society. Breaking them, we invite the suffering and misery, crises and war. But if you follow these laws of nature, say the Kabbalists, she going to meet us and will not only help overcome the crisis and move to a new, more advanced stage of development. And although a man – being by nature inert, it can not instantly rebuild and continue to hope that will soon be better, make it necessary. Since, only setting the correct connection between us – based on trust, understanding, love and impact, we can overcome the global crisis did not bring the matter to the most pressing social shocks to recover from that will be very difficult. Yes, yesterday, a neighbor stopped by again. The husband found a job. True, not by profession and a smaller salary, but as she says, to buy bread and milk the kids enough. But from a family holiday summer will most likely refuse, do not pull! But what can you do? Crisis!