But then came Apple and … once again ravaged the world. Yes, genius marketing, of course, is present in the activity of this company, but technological innovation, harmonious and comfortable for the first time connected the handheld and mobile phone, a gyroscope, multi touch-screen, GPS, etc., was the beginning of a new era of mobile phones. In general, this class of devices (iPhone, Android and future solutions from other manufacturers) can no longer call mobile phones (mobile phone), smart phones (smartphone) or handhelds (personal digital assistant) – rather, we have the name of the type Personal Mobile Friend (PMF) – this is more than a phone, more than a PDA, more than an assistant, and even more than the classic smartphones . This is – conveniently, it is – part personal life, it – Ergonomic multigadzhet. >Clive Holmes Silverfern.

Considering the PMF, as a new class of devices, it should be noted that mobile banking has to be transformed. And the first signs have already appeared – this year in Russia and CIS was evolution, whereas the PMF-device requires a revolution. What could be a candidate for a revolution? In our opinion, a candidate for a revolution could be the concept of feeds (feed). We believe that this tape is the most familiar to users of modern systems of the means of accessing information. What resources the majority of modern Internet user accesses each day? News sites – from news feeds. Search Engines – from feeds of search results. E-mail servers – with ribbons messages.