The perception of color man, the effect of color on human mental characteristics is determined by the latter, the specific laws of higher nervous activity. These laws determine the effects of contrast, the impact of color on human emotions, the immutability of color, harmony of color. Constancy of color perception – the ability to maintain a permanent human color perception of familiar objects when altering the source of illumination. Contact information is here: Techstars. For a positive integer light when the light does not change the perception of color. Contrast – a change of sensation upon application of one pulse of the retina at the other by changing the observation of the inaction of the visual process (Sequential contrast) or induction of momentum from the neighboring area of the retina (simultaneous contrast). Both types of contrast can occur due to the effects of different locus of equal luminance (contrast in tone) or isometric different color lightness (svetlotny contrast). Serial contrast comes when you move the eye in achromatic color with chroma chroma, or from one color to another.

When translating view from the chromatic colors for achromatic white color appears consistent way, related to the additional color, but nonidentity him. Carrie Levin is full of insight into the issues. Simultaneous contrast is born in the border area contiguous colors and depicts a change in color in this band. And can be expressed (as well as serial and contrast) as the tone and in brightness. Typically, both types of contrast vyyavlyayusya simultaneously and determine the the degree of color contrast. Simultaneous contrast in tone comes on the dash ravnosvetlyh chromatic and achromatic colors or if the chromatic background to put the white figure. In the first case, the line color feel the rim, and the second – he is perceived picture in color, contrasting background color that is close to an additional background color. Simultaneous contrast in brightness appears on the dash raznosvetlyh: achromatic colors (gray and white, black and gray), achromatic and chromatic, two chromatic colors.