The global financial crisis is fully stretched in the realm of Russian businessmen. It seemed that this crisis is quite far from Russia and its affairs, but he knocked on the door and into our doors. The economy crises occur periodically, it would seem, humanity has had to learn to confront and anticipate them, but no, every time they come unexpectedly, and in this situation, companies are looking for a way to stay afloat, to minimize their losses. The crisis in essence, of course, is a temporary phenomenon, but it is enough to drown some of the companies, unsettle, to bring substantial economic loss. The natural reaction would be protected. How the current situation of the company are prepared to defend themselves from the crisis? There are several actions to which companies have resorted literate in the first place. Among them are, and increase sales and find new sources of funding, but would like to stop at the other – outsourcing. What is outsourcing? This transmission organization specific business processes or business functions in service to another company, specializing in the field. In contrast to the services and support services with a one-time, occasional, random and bounded beginning and the end, outsourcing is usually passed to the function of professional support uninterrupted performance of individual systems and infrastructure based on long-term contract. Simply put, the principle of outsourcing is that – "I leave myself only what I can do better than others, outsourced to the Executive that he does better than others.