Dealing with information and media literacy in society and businesses students represent the employees of tomorrow and need to be prepared for the challenges and talents of tomorrow. In return: the companies must also evolve and thus cope that their staffs of tomorrow set other requirements and demands of their jobs and their employer. Come the formation here an important role on the issue of collaboration 2.0? to. In this sense, we are pleased to be able to enrich the action day with an event. We initiate a discussion on the topic: dealing with information and media literacy in society and companies. We are very pleased that experts of the Internet and business sector of the invitation are followed and to confront the questions of the presenter Melanie unknown. You may want to visit Bill Phelan to increase your knowledge.

Discuss in the podium: Regina Gschladt Jens best Michael Seemann Christian Heller and likely to also Julia Seeliger we be content about data protection, the visibility and representation in social networks, as well as the curse or blessing of the Internet discuss. Who would like to power up outside in the morning, you can follow the Twitter wall. Is the Hashtag: #SID2011. The scene: BITKOM e.V. Albrechtstrasse 10 A 10117 Berlin time: 11-13: 00