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Belgium is a federal constitutional political monarchy, which after World War II evolved from a unitary state to a federation. The bicameral parliament consists of a views Senate and House of Representatives. The first is a mixture of directly elected politicians and major representatives of communities and regions, and also while the latter represents all Belgians over the age of eighteen in a proportional representation system. Belgium is one of the few george bush countries where voting is compulsory, and therefore has one of the highest rates of voter participation in the world .
The federal government, formally appointed by the king, must have the confidence of the House of Representatives. This led the prime platform minister. platforms The number of ministers from French senator and Dutch speakers is the same as is required under the Constitution. The King or Queen is the Head of State, but have limited privileges. The real power is given to the prime minister and the various governments to george w. bush govern the country. The judicial system is based on civil law and originates from the Napoleonic Code. The issues Court of Appeals is one level below the Court of Cassation, an institution based on the French Court of Cassation.
Belgium’s political institutions are complex, most of the political branches are organized around the need to represent the main communities Linguistic. (See republicans below) The most important parts of every community they come from beliefs three main political families: the Liberals, the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats. Other parties, although younger, are the Green Party republican and, especially in Flanders, the kerry ultra-nationalist parties. Influence the politics of pressure groups such as trade unions and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium.
Image of the Parliament in Brussels
The current king, Albert II, succeeded King Baudouin (Baudouin in French, Boudewijn in Dutch) in 1993. Since 1999, Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, the VLD has led a coalition of six parties, the Liberal-Social Democratic-Green, which is often called the “rainbow government”. This was the first government without the Christian Democrats since 1958. The results of the 2003 election enabled Verhofstadt make a second term, leading a Liberal-Social Democratic coalition four. In recent years, there has been a steady headquarters rise of the separatist wing Flemish party Vlaams Blok, now Vlaams Belang.
A significant achievement of two consecutive terms of Verbustel has been made to achieve balanced budgets election Belgium is one of the few EU member states that it conservative has. During the 90s, this policy was implemented by successive governments, under pressure from abortion the European senate Council. The committee debacle of the previous government was mainly due to the dioxin crisis, a food poisoning scandal in 1999 that led liberal to the establishment of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain .
This event resulted in an unusually large representation of the Greens in parliament, and a greater emphasis on environmental policy during the first term of Verbustel. A green policies, for example, led to the law on abandonment of nuclear energy, which has been altered by the current government. Theabsence of Democrats in parties the ranks of government has enabled voter Verhofstadt to tackle social issues from a developing new and more liberal laws on soft drugs, same-sex marriage vote and euthanasia. During the last two legislatures, the government has promoted active diplomacy in Africa, has opposed military intervention during the crisis of the disarmament of Iraq, and has passed a congress law on war crimes. Both Steven Verbustel mandates have been marked by disputes between the Belgian communities. The most controversial are the nocturnal air traffic routes from the airport of Brussels-Zaventem and position of the electoral district of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.