One that actually goes into the head. 2.Otkrovennost when experiencing problems. 3.Umenie strengthen executive discipline, when to clear the decisions of the team or leader. 4.Gotovnost help each other and the outside of job descriptions. Ben Silbermann has compatible beliefs. 5.

initiatives (at all levels) on the team work on the current challenges and promising targets. If we analyze these requirements, you will find that they are all associated with work on the fact that it is difficult to "feel", but what exactly feel all – team spirit, the spirit of each member. How could develop this "spirit"? Does it make sense to "invest" in it, if finance is not as available as before? The answer to this question is time. From October 2008 (when we in Russia have officially announced the global financial crisis) has been more than two years. Period of panic, depression, thoughts and drastic changes behind. We continue to live and develop in state of crisis the economy of the second wave. It is not so clearly expressed, but to a favorable state of operation of the business so far away. How else can you reduce costs? How many more need to lay off employees? From any rooms can be free? There is a limit cuts, squeezed to infinity is impossible, once shaken and that's enough. Do I need to delete from the budget lines of business coaching in general and training in team building particular? State of retreat before the economic problems should not become chronic, any defense, sooner or later break.