I put a special attention to the care of clothing because nowadays many children born with delicate skin and until not to spend a few days we can not ensure that our baby is free of this (there are alterations that happen afterward, but it is more difficult to control). This year he had not bought a special SOAP for the newly born, and began to wash sheets, towels and clothing with the family SOAP. Then gave us charge of conscience do this because with the first that all garments with a special baby SOAP we wash and now, even the second, will also have to a newborn. Therefore we again buy a small container of Norit hypoallergenic special baby SOAP and I went to wash it all (fits because it is also clean clothes in a washing machine). My advice for the care of baby clothes are: At least during the first month, use a neutral SOAP. In the market there are many brands that have one Special for babies or hypoallergenic. Wash all clothes that is going to be a baby, even if it is new it is important to be washed (in addition this softens the tissues) because babies have a skin much more sensitive than ours and they have never before led clothing! Also the household linen that will be in contact with him, such as sheets, towels, blankets, etc. Be careful with delicate garments, there are many tissues of baby clothes, such as wool, which is convenient to wash them by hand to avoid damaging them.

When lay also must be careful with some clothing, wool and some point is better lay horizontally so that they do not become deformed. And during the summer months should be avoided that clothing is directly at the Sun because this dries the clothes and eats the colors. I would also advise to buy a sachet of washing to introduce small (such as socks or mittens) garments. It is a way to separate them from the rest of garments and prevent their loss or deterioration. You can find them in stores of things for the home. Finally, it is convenient to wash baby clothes separate from the rest of the family during the first months (starting year is less important).