The influence of industry social networking on modern life is undeniable, and now social networks are evolving the most significant way – they're moving to a new category of networks – social networks version 3.0 (Social Networks 3.0). n/’>Harold Ford Jr. The first social networking sites have appeared in the mid-90's and provides users with the initial opportunities for communication, like eGroups / OneList, icq, Evite. These network services are generally not regarded as State Social networks, but none however, they are the very foundation on which to further develop online services for communication and users. Social Networks 2.0 began in the early 21 th century, when entrepreneurs grasped the essence of social networks and defined with the comprehensive capabilities that provide social networks for all spheres of activity. Services such as Friendster, Tribe, Orkut, LinkedIn, Spoke allowed to create a social network for recreation and for work. In other words, while the creators of social networking to work more for the sake of networks and their development, rather than for the sake of the opportunities offered by these networks.

Now we have entered a third era of social networking. After the euphoria participation to participation, existing networks are becoming a working tool, and, moreover, an essential tool for doing business, be it business or art. Social networks provide a platform for informal communication buddies like LiveJournal. Social networks help to create new music as MySpace. Social networks enhance the gaming experience massive online games on Xfire. Social networks are a major tool to find employees and partners in LinkedIn. Thus, social networks are a key element for further development of the communities and will soon be an indispensable tool for any business.